I am very much a person that wants to get things done immediately, take charge, and be in control of situations. In my mind I was being organized, caring, helpful, and attentive to the needs of others. In reality, I was scattered, distracted, and maybe (probably) even bossy! When I approached Tabatha about private sessions, she asked what some of my goals were. I like to be organized so that I’m prepared for what may come next. My husband was soon to retire and I wanted to be more relaxed, and not quite so compulsive. We talked about my desire to be more centered and in the moment and how a variety of meditative techniques and breathing would be beneficial. Tabatha is giving me the tools to practice yoga in a way that suits my very organized, step by step mind and is giving me new tools to allow those times of less structure to be okay. Tabatha always says to come back to the breath, when things, whether a pose or life, are difficult or hard, come back to the breath. That pose or that point in time will not last forever, just breathe.