Journey from stressed to connected with your best

It is time. You’ve heard all about the benefits of meditation, improved sleep, less stress, more confidence, higher productivity and an all around better mood.

So, what’s holding you back?

Have you ever tried to meditate? Chances are, if you’ve sat down by yourself to meditate you’ve found yourself a little bored, questioning if you’re doing it right, and left uninspired to keep up the habit.

That’s where I come in. I’ve been practicing meditation on my own and leading classes with people like you. I’m here to help you connect with your best self and bring that person out into the world. Let me guide you through 21 days of meditation to build a foundation for a life of peaceful connection. Commit to yourself to create a new habit, one that nourishes your heart and creates space for your soul to shine.

Are you ready?

Meditation Exploration


I want this to make this as easy as possible for you. All you’ll need is your breath, your body and a quiet space to spend a few minutes listening. Each day for 21 days you’ll get an email from me with:

  • An audio file guided meditation
  • A journal prompt to explore deeper
  • Encouragement and inspiration to keep you on your journey
  • Link to access the library of meditations so you can practice your favorites as often as you’d like

Meditation is not the practice of stopping all thought, rather, we use meditation to direct our thoughts, to guide us to explore our inner selves.

We’ll explore meditations on:

  • Settling in to welcome relaxation
  • Increasing lovingkindness
  • Setting your intention
  • Accessing your heart’s desire
  • Developing awareness of breath and body
  • Shifting your perspective
  • Developing your mantra
  • Releasing attachment

You’ve waited long enough. Now’s the time to listen to all that your heart has to offer.

Meditation Exploration