Unlock deep spaces of relaxation from the comfort of your own home with a daily meditation practice. I’ve been leading meditation and yoga nidra for two years in my local classes, and now I’m ready to share this gift with you.

Each mediation is crafted specifically for you and your needs and will be yours and yours alone. Let me guide you through a meditation to…

  • Induce relaxation for a night of profound rest
  • increase love for yourself and others
  • gain perspective and change the world
  • connect with your inner spirit and spark creativity
  • recognize and fulfill your heart’s desires

There’s no limit to the possibilities and benefits of meditation.

How it works: Complete a brief survey so I can get to know what’s important to you and where to focus your meditation. Within 48 hours you’ll get a link to download your sound file so you can meditate with me whenever and wherever it works for you.


15 minute custom meditation – $33  

30 minute custom meditation – $55

15 Minute Custom Meditation

Let me guide you through a custom meditation that you can use on your own time.