Yoga changed my life. Practicing yoga makes me feel good in body, mind, and soul. I want to help you feel good too. When we cultivate enchantment within ourselves, the entire universe feels more magical.

At the height of my depression, I was an over-achieving perfectionist. I managed conferences with hundreds of attendees, dozens of speakers, and committees with high expectations. Twelve-hour days on my feet blended into nights with my head ringing from answering questions and taking care of everyone. When I finally had time to take care of myself, I didn’t know how. I was drawn to yoga but was afraid to enter a studio.

I’m not a skinny, flexible white girl.

What if I don’t fit in?

What if I’m not good enough?

I can’t touch my toes!

Sound familiar?

My inner-critic was loud but I finally went to my first yoga class. Guess what? No one cared what I looked like. The judgmental comments and stares I expected never came. I felt a sense of belonging. The instructor was welcoming and gave me space to learn and be. Facing my fears unearthed tools to dig into my inner self. My body and breath found home on the mat.   

Yoga didn’t magically eliminate my need for external validation. I still spent long hours at my desk without a break to eat. Dirty dishes and laundry piled up, my home neglected by my desire to prove myself. I said “yes” to everything, not knowing how I’d finish what was already on my plate. I was exhausted. I didn’t recognize the person I’d become. The person that snapped defensively, fired off snarky emails and had no energy.

13567007_988904384556293_5444370314969174488_nMotherhood was my catalyst for change. After the birth of my son, I felt a deeper connection with and love for my husband. I viewed the world through eyes full of wonder and realized how precious life is. I craved abundance—time and space to just be. To practice yoga. To write. To feel. I needed space to contemplate and process and take big, full, deep breaths. I needed to connect with nature and my body, to sit and snuggle and read and smell my sweet son’s head. I yearned to feel connection and freedom.

Defying societal expectations, I left my career in nonprofit management to raise my son and grow my yoga business. Now, I am present every day. Present for my family, friends, clients, and perhaps most importantly, for myself. Yoga allows me to explore the present moment and live vibrantly. I am intentional about who I connect with and where I focus my energy. I encourage my son’s growth and support my husband’s desire to change the world. And I get to bask in New Mexico sunshine while I do it all, appreciating Earth and the gifts she provides. I create the life I want to live.

Let’s connect and move through life without the anxiety of imperfection. Let me nurture you. You, so full of beauty and flaws. Perfectly imperfect just as you are. When you make self-care a priority, you create space to lovingly take care of others and live your life fully.

As an instructor, I create a welcoming and positive environment.  I recognize that we are all unique and beautiful human beings with our own experiences. I guide with an open heart and appreciate your unique growth process. It’s not about how pretty you can make your yoga look, it’s about how you move with the emotions and connect with your breath. I maintain intimate class sizes and build authentic relationships. My practice has grown from training in Ashtanga, Trauma-Informed, prenatal, meditation and yoga for youth. I create customized classes so that you may feel refreshed, encouraged and loved.

Remember, the cosmos choose to express through you, beautiful and magical you. Follow through and prioritize yourself. Take this moment to be present and know you are adored.