It’s nearly summer, so close we can feel the longer days and heat of the sun calling us, beckoning us to get out and play. School is almost out, just a few short weeks until students and teachers get a nice, long break. For many, these last weeks and days of school are the most difficult; motivation fades, tempers flare and attitudes are hot. Teachers and staff could use a little extra support getting to the finish line.

I’ve had the honor to offer a bit of encouragement to school staff recently, presenting at conferences and during in-service training days, sharing restorative yoga and meditation. Let’s be honest, it’s not just school staff that can benefit from onsite yoga. Many professionals deserve a break to refresh.

I’m pleased to launch my Workplace Wellness program. This is something that has been in my heart for a long time. A program to nurture and support professionals in their workplace, in a way that is beneficial and convenient for employers. A way to share the benefits of yoga and meditation with those that are in the thick of a tough work day, preparing for a challenging quarter, or in need of team-building connection.

From personal experience and anecdotal evidence I know that Workplace Wellness creates a positive shift.

What a wonderful gift to bring to teachers who sorely need the support and rejuvenation.

Tani Arness, Principal, Cesar Chavez Community School

Research also supports this, as compiled by, here are five compelling benefits to Workplace Wellness Programs.

  1. Healthy, active employees incur lower health costs.
  2. Employees who take advantage of wellness are more productive
  3. Physically active employees are healthier
  4. Wellness programs inspire important behavior changes
  5. Small business owners may be able to take advantage of tax incentives for workplace wellness programs

Workplace Wellness Programs are also a great way to boost morale when preparing for a busy season or as part of a staff retreat. If you’re ready to incorporate a little yoga and meditation in to your workplace, contact me today.

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