Rarely would you have seen me at 5 am ten years ago. If you did, it would be with a keystone light in each hand, screaming the lyrics to Skid Row and trying to stay up ‘til sun up. I greet the sun more mindfully these days. Some days I smell the coffee moments before the alarm goes off. I slide out of bed quietly, so I don’t wake my son and husband. My eyes adjust to the darkness while I brush my teeth and put on the clothes I set out the night before. Coffee, keys, change of clothes, lunch, water…Check. a quick kiss goodbye to the sleeping beauties and I’m out. I sneak glances at the moon glowing in my rear view mirror and I head east across the quiet city. The silhouette of the Sandias loom as the sky slowly brightens. At the studio, I’m greeted by the sweet songs of birds, so cheerful and joyous to have another day.

Sunrise Yoga

I’ve never considered myself a morning person, but that, like so many things, has changed. Real change has a way of happening so gradually that sometimes you can’t pinpoint when it actually starts. I knew years ago that I wanted to share yoga with my community. I knew that I wanted to be mother and I knew that I wanted to fully embrace and enjoy my life. I didn’t know how to get there.

My ego always tells me that I’m not good enough and at every decision my brain chimes in with, “is that wise?” Yet, here I am, this non-morning person, trekking across town twice a week to share yoga. I open my heart and give my all, each and every time, knowing that everyone in class has made the choice to join me. Students, moms, teachers, regulars and newbies alike, all are committing to show up and be present.

We put in solid work on the mat before the sun’s rays fully kiss the Earth. We connect. Connect with each other, with ourselves and with the peace that exists so perfectly at dawn. I leave class with a feeling of lightness like no other. A conquer the world confidence that encourages me to dream bigger.

So I do. I dream up a daily life filled with yoga, embraced by nature, with time to nurture my son and watch him grow and develop. I proclaim at every opportunity that I live MY life and I love it.Do what you love  I believe that this life of my dreams is attainable. I see it clearly, feel the joy and act as if I already have everything I have ever wanted. I’ve made some changes, small and large shifts, to align with the life of my dreams. I quit watching TV and quit my job. I prioritize time over making money. I stop to smell flowers, watch spiders and listen to the birds. I greet the sun and each day with a heart full of gratitude, feeling confident and connected.


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