I’m officially back to work full time from maternity leave and aside from deeply missing my baby and regular sleep, I also really miss the ability to move around whenever I please. I’ve noticed a lot more muscle tightness, especially in my low back, neck and shoulders. Fellow desk warriors, can you relate?! 

yoga at work daily habitWhile I don’t have an hour in my work day to sneak off to a yoga class, I do have a few moments throughout the day that I can use for self care, just a bit of yoga and focused breathing. Now it’s just a matter of making it a part of my daily routine. Let’s test out some of the following techniques and try to make the new habit stick!

  1. Find a Trigger: There are plenty of actions that are a routine part of the workday; regularly scheduled meetings, lunch, even bathroom breaks. They’re built in to what we do every day, the key is tapping it as a reminder for self care. So, maybe the 9 am daily staff meeting has nothing to do with self care, but know that when the meeting is over, take a moment to refocus before jumping back into work. 
  2. Schedule Time: Once I put something on my calendar, it’s real. Something about scheduling in advance makes it much less likely to be skipped. I wouldn’t just skip a meeting with a colleague, so I shouldn’t skip on appointments with myself. 
  3. Set an Alarm: Our phones are with us constantly. Make use of the alarm feature and set a daily alarm to get up and stretch!
  4. Grab a Buddy: It’s very likely that a coworker is suffering from the same sedentary woes. Enlist someone to be an accountability buddy. Share goals, reminders and encouragement.
  5. Reward Yourself: Feeling better physically and mentally is already rewarding, but the extra motivation to keep up the streak may come from a sweet reward. Set a goal for the number of days to create the habit (21 is great, 40 is better) and when it’s reached “treat yo self”.

    I’m putting these tips into place in my workflow, how about you? I’d love to hear your comments on how these work for you. If you’ve got other tips to share, please, fill me in, I’m ready to reduce some work day stress!

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