Dalai Lama Quote - Every Day
(source: elephant journal)

Believe me when I say, I am not a morning person. I am cranky, hungry and begging for just five more minutes. As much as it goes against my natural tendencies, I know I need to embrace the early hours. I have a lot of commitments in life and if I want time to attend to all, I’ve got to make time.  So 5:00 am, here we come.

1. Yoga – Starting the day with yoga sets me up for success. I wake up, take a quick warm shower, then make my way to the mat. The shower really makes a difference, not only does it help transition me out of sleep, but it also warms my body to prep for practice. My practice looks different from day to day, varying with my energy level and how long I’ve got before I have to run out. The sequence doesn’t matter, it just matters that I’ve gotten some time on my mat.

2. Write – I keep multiple journals and one day, my goal will be to write in each one every day. I want to write and the only way to be a better writer is to write more. So I spend mornings either making notes of gratitude, reflecting on my practice, or letting my feelings flow in free form. I usually do this with a cup of tea or coffee, allowing myself to feel indulgent like I’m spending time in a coffee shop enjoying my own company.

3. Listen to Music– My home yoga room is in the front bedroom of the house, a long hallway and closed door away from my sleeping husband. Before stepping on my mat, I put on some music. I deeply enjoy music during practice and it is inevitable that I sing along. Some days I end practice with a chant. Most days music follows me into the kitchen as I prepare meals and sometimes it turns into an early morning dance party. Music sets a playful tone for my day.

As much as it pained me at first, I’ve really come to enjoy my early mornings. Though it is difficult to convince myself of this when the alarm is blaring, I know that starting a crazy day in a calm way allows me to conquer anything.

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