Yoga offers hope. The challenge of an earnest and consistent practice is a beautiful reminder to cherish each breath. To breathe deeply and fully. Give yourself space to be comfortable in your body. Space to plant roots. To grow. To blossom.

I’m Tabatha Bennett, yoga instructor and meditation guide. I’ve been called to connect with the expansiveness of nature, finding peace within. I’m here to share this connection with you.

About Me

When was the last time you gave your breath attention? Let’s slow down together and explore the enchantment that comes from being truly present with your breath. As you connect with your breath and body, your ability to connect with others and the everyday magic that is all around us increases.

Together, we’ll stretch the limits of your comfort zone in a supportive and encouraging environment, building confidence in your body and self. I would be honored to create a customized program that meets you where you are while challenging you to grow into the next version of you.  

Personal Sessions

You don’t need to be good at yoga. That’s why it’s called a  practice. Let’s meet on the mat to practice moving with intention and cultivate the soil for growth.

Local Schedule

The techniques we use in meditation can be applied off the mat to find moments of relaxation in the middle of hectic days. Challenges exist not to frustrate or annoy you, but to show you that you are capable of so much more than you think.  It’s time to retrain the voice in your head to speak with love and compassion.

Meditation Exploration

My vision: a thriving community that affords everyone the opportunity to live a healthy and joyful life.

Let’s grow together.


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